Sunday, 10 July 2011


One day, quite soon after our exploits on International Yarn Bombing Day I came home to find my front door looking like this:

Left Hook clearly had some fun here (& I love it so much it's still on my door).
But of course you know ... this means war!

Left Hook commented that I couldn't bomb her front door as she has a guard dog.

Brilliant idea - I'll bomb the guard dog!!

Measurements were taken, ideas bounced off Da Bomb (thanks!) & I had something that brings a whole new meaning to the term "bomber jacket".

Yesterday with my beautiful daughter providing distractions, we struck!

The guard dog was most co-operitive & seemed to quite like her cosy new jumper (& the fuss I made of her - good girl!)

So it seems we have a new mascot. What bomber name are you going to give her, Left Hook?

Hugs to all
Posted by Jaywalker.


  1. Mwuhahahahahaaaaa!!! Game on, hon. Game ON!! heheheheh. So, any suggestions for names. Boomer? YaBo Dog? Rainbow Streak? Biddy Bomb? K1P1 (aka kipi?) :P

  2. OMG!! The pics look excellent and its sounded like so much fun!! She definitely need a bomber name - maybe she can be our mascot??