Saturday, 26 November 2011

We came, we bombed, we giggled LOTS!!!

Lismore Yarn Guerillas have struck again!! Wooohoooo!!!! And gosh it was fun.

Thursday 24th November - LYG had a date with a trivia fundraising night for the local AIDS Council branch, ACON. The specific target being the host of the night, Tobin Saunders. Here's a bit of a report on how the night went.

Black Lace, Lacey Bag Acey, HookerT, Jaywalker & LeftHook all meet at Black Lace's heavenly yarn shop to get ready at 5.30pm. Very excited, nervous, etc. Lots of giggles, fun with glitter & fake eyelashes, makeup a la parrot disco queen, hair of all shapes & sizes, and 5 chicks looking sassy, disguised, and ready to kick arse. I also loved that three of us, without any knowledge of the others, chose to wear stripy tights or long socks of some sort!! In sync, babes!!

A friend was filming us in different situations, as we're making a bit of a video for the group. A warts (or perhaps glitter?!) and all account of the night.

We got to the venue, the Platinum room at Lismore Workers Club at 6.30pm and accosted one of the tables. The room is suitably cheerily decorated, with the most hideous carpet (which I loved) so we felt at home. (Also, we all fell in love with the nightclub bar area prior to the room. It is FUNKEEEEEE!!!)

Tobin had a chat to us about the jacket situation. It was hot and he wasn't sure he could cope with wearing it all night. Unfortunately the alternative was a rather loud shirt, which meant our bombing wouldn't be on the jacket that was going to be auctioned for ACON, but oh well. We made the best of the situation and bombed with some pompoms directly stitched onto his shirt sleeves, a red heart pinned to his back pants pocket, huge desert flowers on his desert boots, flower in his shirt pocket, the sash (which he fondled subconsciously whilst hosting - bit like a blankie really), and then the crown on his curly long hair. We bombed him intermittently over about 2 hours, whilst he worked the room. Also, Black Lace inexplicably bent her needle whilst stitching a pompom on Tobin's arm.... Hmmmm.... heehee.

We had lots of great support from the people there. Some asking how to get involved, others buying the pins that Lacey Bag Acey wonderfully sold to raise money for ACON, and another woman got her "crutch" bombed. She didn't flinch one bit. (heehee) It was also very tempting to bomb the drag queen but we didn't. I was going to make her red tassels for her boobies but she darted away.

Anyway, the night was great fun, and we had such a hoot dressing up, playing characters, being cheeky to people... It was also a good trial run for any future events or media contact. We've got our personas all figured out. I invite others in the gang to explore their inner whacky yarnista and create a persona too!!!! Bring it on I say. (And wigs. I love wigs!!)

Oh, and at the end of the night Lacey Bag Acey presented Tobin with the funds raised from the hearts: $117 and TEN CENTS!!!! lol!!! So even though the bombed items weren't auctioned off (bummer), we contributed something.

And that concludes my report.
Until next time yarnies.

from LeftHook

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  1. Great night, LOTS of giggles & a successfully bombed host.
    Don't forget the "sporran" Lefty! Heeheehee!!