Friday, 2 December 2011

Guerrrrrillas & World AIDS Day

Yes, we've struck again!!

The Lismore Yarn Guerillas have hit the streets of Lismore to shroud as much as possible in red for World AIDS Day, 1st December 2011. We targeted an intersection in the middle of town, hitting at least 70 targets with red adornments ranging from tiny hearts, to fabric wrapped tree trunks, to pole cosies, to big hearts, and a giant cause ribbon on a web suspended between to palm trees. Even a plant pot had a boob-tube put on it! Nothing was safe from us bombers. Lots of AIDS and HIV messages were attached on tags, particularly about reducing stigma and discrimination towards those living with HIV.

5am start - otherwise known as 'pre-sparrow's' or 'oh-my-god hundred hours'. A dozen or so bleary eyed, industrious little guerillas spent about two and a half hours preparing the scene - stitching, winding, tying, cutting. It's a good thing to stop and take a look around every now and then at the other busy bombers: take action shots, watch others at work, have a laugh, and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

A couple of messages were created for the cause: the above park bench banner, as well as World AIDS Day crocheted then attached to a rather bland sculpture (so it was begging for a bombing!).

Lots and lots of hearts of all shapes and sizes too. Here's just a few, showing how diverse the guerilla heart can be - both literally, and metaphorically (Awwwwww :P) ....

And then there was nature...

(The strange plant growth was begging to be adorned!)

A few bombers decided that other man-made conveniences were perfect for guerilla yarnistas to attack with as much creative force as possible....and a cosy blanket....

There were lots more targets of course, especially with lots of little hearts! Trees and plants were covered with them, kind of like xmas tree ornaments. Pole and tree trunk cosies where everywhere too, from heart patterns, to illusion knitting, to good ol' fashioned chunky garter stitch, to fuzzy, stripy, and more.

So there you have it. It was nice to do something this time for a cause. But I'm sure most of us would like to stay away from knitting or crocheting with plain red yarn for quite a while!!! And we're already talking about what's next for the LYG's. International Yarn Bombing Day is six months away - a perfect amount of time for us all to plot, scheme, knit, hook and stitch our way towards a new cheeky project.

Viva la Yaaaaaarn!!!


  1. stunning photos & photoblocks! well done LYG!

  2. Woohoo! Yay us!!
    It certainly looks fab. All red definately packs a punch. But I'm ready for other colours now ...